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The Underhill Society of America


Publication of the Underhill Genealogy began in 1932.  The research and publication costs of the first four volumes were underwritten by Myron C. Taylor (1874-1959), a prominent Underhill descendant whose posthumous generosity has also helped make possible additional volumes in the series.

The entire series--Josephine C. Frost, Edwin R. Deats, Harry Macy, Jr., and Carl J. Underhill, comps. and eds., Underhill Genealogy ([New York] and Baltimore, 1932-2002), 8 volumes to date--has been published as follows:

        Volumes 1-4 (1932), ed. Josephine C. Frost
        Volumes 5-6 (1980), comp. Edwin R. Deats, ed. Harry Macy, Jr.
        Volumes 7-8 (2002), comp. and ed. Carl J. Underhill

The 1980 and 2002 volumes recapitulate and update the earlier volumes, but in many cases, researchers will still need to extend their research to the earlier volumes, which contain unique information.  Comprehensive name indexes appear in Volumes 1-4, Volume 6 (to Vols. 5-6), and Volume 8 (to Vols. 7-8).

The volumes are available for purchase by clicking "Genealogy Volumes", and the list arranged by state/province and
city, indicates libraries in the United States and Canada where the Underhill Society of America has deposited copies of Volumes 5-8.  Some of these libraries may also own Volumes 1-4.

Researchers can determine whether the volumes are available at a listed library by accessing its online catalog or by consulting OCLC's Open WorldCat Web page:  Those lacking convenient access to a listed library may ask their local public library to obtain the volumes through interlibrary loan.  Additionally, Volumes 1-4 are available at libraries that subscribe to HeritageQuest Online or, as well as to individuals who subscribe to