The Underhill Society of America
The Underhill Society of America
2017 Annual Fund

2017 Annual Fund Drive

For 124 years, the Underhill Society of America has served its members as the focal point for the collection, research, and publication of genealogical and historical information on Captain John Underhill (b 1608 D 1672) and the extended Underhill family in North America and around the world.
The Society has published eight genealogical volumes as well as the semi-annual News & Views and the annual Bulletin. The Underhill Society museum and archives, located in Oyster Bay, NY and staffed by a professional archivist, houses thousands of important Underhill documents, photographs and artifacts. Additionally, the Society supports the Underhill website, the Underhill Facebook page, the YDNA project, and ongoing genealogical research.   
Other projects being supported by the Society include the planned publication of two updated volumes of Underhill genealogy, the continued response to genealogical and historical queries, and the expansion of OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) which permits access to the Underhill archives through the website. New in 2015 was a nationwide Society awareness and membership drive using mailing lists of all Underhills in the United States.
These programs, and more, are partially supported by membership dues. The balance of support comes from the generosity of members and friends of the Society in the form of contributions to the Annual Fund Drive, special gifts and bequests.
For 2017, the Society is again asking for your help to continue the research and preservation of Underhill family history. All contributors are gratefully recognized in the News & Views
Contributors of $25 or more will receive a gift of an Underhill Coat of Arms pin (while supplies last).  A $100 or more gift receives a set of volumes 7 & 8 of the Underhill Genealogy.
Please complete the 2017 Annual Fund Drive Donation Form below and click Submit Donation.  Then choose how to pay, by check, money order, or PayPal..
Thank you for your generous support of the Society’s work in preserving the Underhill family history.
Jay Tucker
President, Underhill Society of America
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