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YDNA Project Report for 2016 Annual Meeting
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YDNA Project Report

The Underhill YDNA Project continues to slowly increase its participant base. We added
three new participants this past year bringing us to a total of forty. Five of our previous
participants upgraded their tests to the 37 marker level.

New participants are now asked to do the 37 marker test. One of the things we learned in
recent years is that the 12 marker test is not adequate for purposes of determining if the
various Underhill immigrant lines share common ancestry. Some of the upgrades were
specifically targeted as part of an effort to resolve questions that we had. The data
obtained from those upgrades and from the newer participants told us that at present we
do not have any indication that any of the North American immigrant lines are connected.

We definitively know the YDNA signatures of six North American immigrants:
Capt. John of Boston, MA
William of Kent County, MD
John Wesley of TN
Sampson of NH
John of Guilford County, NC
Giles of Surry County, VA

There is one participant each from the following seven North American immigrant lines
but nothing can be concluded here until we have additional participants from these lines:

John of Cecil County, MD
Samuel Baker of Cincinnati
James of Washington County, TN
James of NY and MI
Thomas of Somerville, MA
William of Morristown, NJ
Joseph of Eaton County, MI

The John of Cecil, MD descendant has an extremely rare YDNA signature. He upgraded
to the 37 marker level for future reference. We very much encourage other John of Cecil
County, MD descendants to join the project.

We have five non-North American lines represented in the project:

John of Kent 1622, son of Edward
Henry James of Kent 1832, son of Walter James
Joseph of Warwickshire b. 1830, line goes back to g.grandfather Joseph 1724
John of Wales
Raymond of Australia (grandfather of participant from Australia, it is not yet known who
the immigrant to Australia was)

We have a participant from the John of Montreal and Philadelphia line but in this
instance there is a known in-family adoption that occurred. The participant’s ancestor
was adopted by his Uncle Underhill (his mother’s brother) and took the Underhill name.
Though these results do not define John of Montreal and Philadelphia they could be of
value in the future to descendants of the Underhill adoptee.

We have a participant from the Capt. John line with a known paternity event. The
participant’s great grandfather was born to the widow Underhill approximately 3 years
after her Underhill husband died. He was raised as an Underhill along with his halfbrother
Underhill from his mother’s marriage to a Capt. John descendant. In this instance
the YDNA results ruled out a specific Capt. John descendant for whom it was speculated
as having been the father. Similar to the John of Montreal situation, the results could be
of value in the future to descendants of that child born out of wedlock. The participant
hopes that his 37 marker test will provide a clue for traditional genealogy research as to
who the father was.

We have a non-Underhill surnamed participant who was an Underhill by birth but was
subsequently adopted by his stepfather.

We have a non-Underhill surnamed participant who is an adoptee that thought his father
might have been an Underhill. The test results did not match current participants.

To continue moving the project forward we need:

1) More participants to upgrade to the 37 marker test so that in the future when there
are 12 marker matches we can determine if that is just clutter or if there is actually
a link between lines. At issue is the passage of time makes it more difficult, if not
impossible, to make contact with past participants to request upgrades when those
situations arise. The more upgrades done preemptively the better off we will be.
An alternative is to file FamilyTreeDNA account passwords with the YDNA
Project Manager so as to allow him to purchase upgrades as needed in the future.

2) Additional participation from any of the noted lines with only a single participant.

3) Participation from North American immigrant lines not currently in the project.

4) More participants from the UK, Australia, and elsewhere in the world. Matches
with North American lines will help guide research.

In a nutshell, more volume is our friend as are more upgrades to the 37 marker level.
There is no such thing as too many participants.

Please contact me if you have any questions at all. Thank you for your support.

Bob Underhill
YDNA Project Manager 

170 Quarterline Road
West Rutland, VT 05777-9338