The Underhill Society of America
The Underhill Society of America
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Underhill Burying Ground Contacts
Cate or Bob

Contacting USOA

Mailing Address
The Underhill Society of America
PO Box 712
Oyster Bay, New York 11771-0712
(516) 996-0763
General Inquiry:
Board of Directors
President: Jay Tucker
1st Vice President: Bob Underhill
2nd Vice President: Vacant
4th Vice President: Vacant
Recording Secretary: Sarah Underhill
Corresponding Secretary: Lucille Mattson
Genealogist: Rob Underhill
Assistant Genealogist: Susan McMahon
Library, Museum & Antiquities: Vacant
Historian: Vacant
Membership: Lucille Mattson
Treasurer: Jay Tucker
News & Views Editor: Jay Tucker
Bulletin Editor: Jay Tucker
Y-DNA Project Manager: Bob Underhill
Webmaster: Mel Underhill
Archivist: Steve Boerner
Canadian Representative: Vacant
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