Underhill Surname Y-DNA Project

2009 Annual Report


The Underhill Society of America, Inc. has organized a Y-DNA surname project through FamilyTreeDNA., a leading genealogy focused DNA testing service.   A visit to their website (www.familytreedna.com) should be able to answer just about any question that you might have about DNA testing for genealogical purposes.   What follows are just a few particulars about our project. 

Why an Underhill Y-DNA surname project?

Y-DNA surname projects are a rapidly growing means of proving common paternal line ancestry.  Sometimes conventional sources of proof just cannot be found or perhaps don’t exist and even with “proven” lines of descent there are sometimes still grains of doubt or question marks remaining.   The extended Underhill family in the US and Canada is exceptionally well documented but even then, we do not know if all of the current Underhill lines connect back in England or whether these North American lines connect with Underhills in Australia, New Zealand, or elsewhere in the world.   Nor are all modern day Underhills placed within this otherwise well documented family.   Except for rare mutations estimated to occur once every 500 generations, Y-DNA passes unchanged from father to son.   Matching results between otherwise unconnected Underhills would prove shared common Underhill ancestry.   The results of this project could provide new clues for genealogical researchers.  

Who can participate?

Any male Underhill from anywhere in the world can participate.  You do not need to be a member of the Underhill Society.  We do ask that to the extent you can, to please identify your Underhill lineage so that we can place your results within the context of other lines of descent for purposes of mapping the Underhill family and possibly making linkages that up until now have not been made. 

 What does it cost?

 The Underhill Society has obtained a group rate for this project, $99 plus $2 S&H for the 12 marker test.  You will pay FamilyTreeDNA directly. 

 Why should you participate?

If we are to prove whether or not there is common ancestry for all of the Underhill lines, we need sufficient participation from each line.  Any line that does not participate will remain a question mark in that regard.  For those Underhills who either are not sure where they fit within the larger Underhill family or for whom there may be a question as to whether they fit at all, we will only be able to place them or answer the question if we have sufficient participation so as to reach conclusions. In a nutshell, the more participants, the more definitive the results and the more questions we’ll be able to answer. Especially important is participation by those with proven lines of descent so as to establish benchmarks against which other results can be compared. This is critical to the success of this project. Please consider being part of this project.  

How do I join the project?

Go to www.familytreedna.com and once there go to the Underhill Surname Project and complete the Underhill Project Join Request.  

Who is managing this project for the Underhill Society?

Bob Underhill
170 Quarterline Road
West Rutland, VT 05777-9338